We always have few common questions in our mind whenever we come across the success stories of bloggers,

How to start a blog?

How to earn money through blogging?

etc Right ?

Having an active blog is very important for some people, because they want to have an effective medium to communicate with their fellow like minded people.

Their intention always good, just want to get connected with like minded people, and, grow with them by sharing ideas.

For some people blogging is a modern way of escapism, because they are not interested to get connected with their local communities or network, may be because they don’t find any value in it.

For some, blogging is an innovative way to find financial independence.

In your case any of these may be the first reason to think about getting in to blogging.

Why should I start a blog?

Do you have a question like this in your mind ?

Today blogging is not only a way for time passing or to get connected with other people. It is beyond that, the reason is, today the marketing tricks are not working through conventional mediums, so business people need a new bridge to fill the gap between their service and their customers.

Guess what, they found that today, people are growing through mutual business opportunities.

And blogging is one of the effective mutual business for today. Monopoly is no longer working for all, so they decided to use blogging as one of the new way of marketing. Even big corporate use blogging as an effective way for marketing their products and services.

The bloggers act as a source to connect with the potential customersfor example, if you are a travel blogger, and when you share your travel stories with your beautiful writing and presentation skills with the world through your blog or V-log,from that moment your story will start travel around the globe, if your readers like your post, and waiting for further updates, then you are a trustable person for your viewers or readers. And that trust is the key to revolutionize effortless marketing with a label of mutual business.

If you have 10,000 recurring readers or viewers for your Blog or V-log, that means they are interested in your niche, in this example, the niche is travel.For a travel company,spending their million of dollars in advertisements, which focus a big region without any filtering is not an efficient way of marketing.

Just imagine, if a travel company sponsor your article or blog with their ads, then you get good money (completely depends on how much they value your reputation in the domain), and from their point of view, they don’t have to spent millions and they will get your audience – THE REAL POTENTIAL SOURCE to generate sales!!! .

Because yours reader are travelers, and there is a very high chance to get sales .

If this is the case, your blog or vlog can generate serious number of sales for a very minimal cost (from their point of view).Then why should they depend big marketing agencies ?

Instead of spending millions on advertisements, they can focus on potential resources like your blog.

Before the scenario was entirely different, there was no enough resource for people to get connected.

Thanks to advanced information technology and Internet evolution, now everyone is connected, and that means, you can create impacts through videos or articles, not only in your local community but all over the world, because it can reach everywhere.

The important thing for me here is, both parties, the travel company, and the blogger, gets good money. The readers get information about a particular service or product ,that they are interested to know more about and maybe they really want to buy the product or use the service.

So everyone is happy and everyone makes money… 🙂

This is Good right?…. Yes… it is a good a business model, why don’t you use this opportunity to make money and spend your valuable gift ‘YOUR TIME’ to improve your quality and learn more to achieve your dreams, that may be you believed as an impossible thing in your life.

There are plenty of examples in the world today, they found their dream life through blogging, their investment is their time and effort, with professional patience.

You can also take advantage of this opportunity, for me, the important thing that i consider here is, through blogging we will get a chance to achieve our dreams. Think about it…

If you are ready to take the challenge and want to go for your own blog, to make a BIG change in your life.

All what you have to do is, take a deep breath and just follow the series .

Let’s roll in to the next part,

how we can do it?

This may be this is the next big question, well, I will help you here. Just follow the series ‘START YOUR BLOG” to earn the freedom.