How To Make Your Blog In WordPress

If you want to begin a blog, That is awesome! Blogging is a great time pass, as well as with a blog, you can convey yourself exceptionally, can help other people with issues you’ve survived, set up yourself as a specialist, and even profit.  In case if you’re new to blogging, it truly begins off on the correct foot and has somebody to enable you to maintain a strategic distance from failures. 

That is the reason why I’ve coordinated this page for you, to give beginners a quick, secure manual for beginning a blog, without learning HTML or waste your chance by examining a lot, reading instructional exercises.

There are multiple steps involved in developing a professional blog in wordpress .

About 2 minutes
The four-in-hand knot is a great look for any occasion. From formal suits to casual jacket and tie affairs, it’s a simple way to quickly look great. Once you have mastered the knot you can tie it in just a minute, so it’s also great when you’re in a pinch too.


Necessary Items:
A tie
A collared Shirt
A mirror
1. Preparations
Button your shirt how you’d like to wear it, then drape the tie around your neck. Make the thick end about 1/3rd longer than the short end. For formal button down shirts, it usually works best with the small end of the tie between 4th and 5th button.


2. Crossing once
Cross the long end over the short end. This will form the basis for your knot.×1/photo2.jpg


3. Second crossing
Bring the long end back under the short end, then throw it back over the top of the short end in the other direction.×1/photo3.jpg


4. Loop in
Now pull the long end through the loop near your neck, forming another loop near your neck.×1/photo4.jpg


5. Pull and tighten
Pull the long end through that new loop and tighten to fit!×1/photo5.jpg


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