What are the 5 steps to develop a marketplace like Themeforest?

marketplace like themeforest

I’ve always loved blogging, It’s an art.
Themes have played a relevant role in blogging. There are several Marketplaces to sell WordPress themes. ThemeForest is  the King of the theme marketplace.

We can develop a Marketplaces like Themeforest.
Here are 5 steps:

1. The fundamental one is to understand properly what an online eCommerce marketplace is, the difference between various types of marketplaces, choose the one which is the most needed for your business development. You can’t have an effective marketplace until you understand its nature.
2. Have a look at the comparison of different online marketplace sites to see what really attracts people to their marketplace, the possibilities given to its customers, and technologies used for its successful development. After the comparison, it is much easier to understand what features your marketplace should have or suggest to your customers.
3. Form clear scopes of your vision and expectations, based on the knowledge you already have and on the comparison of the eCommerce marketplaces. Find a proper market fit and model your online eCommerce marketplace.
4. Get proper design and development of your marketplace project. But this process usually takes place after you have a clear vision of all your expectations and requirements. This step assumes you can find a dedicated team provider or use outstaffing services to hire either the whole team or one person to do your development. But in any case it must be professional is all aspects: design, development, bug fixing, testing, etc.
5. Get proper marketing. There should be ways you could promote your online eCommerce marketplace. How would your targeted audience find out about your platform, if noone informs them. Even the biggest online marketplace sites use constant marketing. And this way all people know about them. Well, sure thing word of the mouth is important, but alone it can’t do all the work!

Marketing is vital and you should get creative in here.

Good luck!


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