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The Role of Social Media in Intranet Strategy

social intranets

Hi Friends,

In digital marketing, social media presence plays a key role. Social media has changed many aspects of our working lives, it’s used for connecting with customers, creating conversation, strengthening a brand and advertising, amongst other things. Intranets have been around for decades. They’re the central ‘hub’ of an organization whereby employees can access company news, information, policies and documents. 

 Social Intranets have therefore evolved from traditional intranets by combining the hub of company information with the latest social communication tools.
Enterprise social networking allows workers to connect via chat, message boards, video and wikis in order to encourage collaboration and increase productivity. They should not be confused with social enterprises, which are businesses that have a social purpose, such as one that tackles environmental issues. These have a very strong ‘social mission’ and are a different thing altogether to enterprise social media.
Many enterprises have such poor collaborative and communication tools that employees tend to create their own networks within the company. Historically, social media has been seen as a potential threat to the security of an enterprise, and whilst this is true of popular networks such as Facebook, it’s not of social enterprise platforms.

This is because these are within the firewall, on a closed network (the intranet) which belongs to the company. This makes it a difficult matter for malware and hackers to gain access to it, so the security risk to a social media platform that’s a part of the intranet is minimal.

A social intranet can include the following:

a)Blogs & bulletin boards
c)Videos and images
d)Surveys and feedback
e)Team workspaces
f)A commenting and sharing function

The social aspects to the intranet don’t have to be sprung on an unsuspecting workforce all at once, but can be implemented by taking a phased approach.
There is no good reason at all for not having an intranet that includes social elements and it really is something that only adds value to the business and creates an environment where employees feel that they have a voice and so can therefore make a difference.


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