Reasons why Twitter is good for business

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Consider your mobile. You can’t do nearly anything without it. It is anything but an extravagance, however a need for you. You require it to call your loved ones, you utilize it a large portion of the times to get to the web and you likely complete a considerable measure of powerful computations on it as well.

Furthermore, now consider Social Media, particularly consider Social Media for your business. It resembles you have to purchase a mobile.

In any case, more than purchasing a mobile, it’s more critical to choose which mobile would you like to purchase since it ought to be the one that satisfies all your needs.


 Let your clients see product updates on Twitter

As per Twitter, 74% of individuals who follow a brand on Twitter do as such to get item updates. Consider it: People will follow you on Twitter essentially to get notifications when you release new items. This is a huge open door for organizations to support their items and services to a drew audience. Simply make a point to temper these kinds of limited time tweets with heaps of high-esteem, informational posts.

Drives short and long-term sales

72% of Twitter followers will probably make a future buy in the wake of following or connecting with a brand on Twitter. Searching out a brand on Twitter shows an interest in their items or benefits, and interfacing with them by reading and connecting with their tweets keeps that brand best of the psyche.

Give coupons and discounts on Twitter

We’ve known for quite a long time that the vast majority follows a brand on Twitter with the end goal to get unique discounts and deals. This is significantly more valid for the pined for the millennial market: an astounding 85% of Millennials follow brands on Twitter for the coupons.  Regardless of whether your objective market incorporates recent college grads or not, offering selective coupons and deals can be an awesome method to drive engagement and sales.

Increase your visibility in search

Twitter as of late reported that tweets will indeed show up in relevant Google search results. This implies mainstream tweets from your brand could appear on the principal page of indexed lists. This isn’t incredible for expanding the visibility of your tweets; it can eventually prompt expanded supporters, engagement, and hit through to your site.

Conversation on Twitter is in real time

Much the same as conversing with your companions on your mobile phone, Twitter gives you a chance to have an open discussion with your prospects and leads.

Rather than trading messages with your clients over weeks, Twitter enables you to converse with your clients progressively and cooperate with them, there and after that.

In setting to client support, this can be a huge plus in addition to settling issues for your clients. This unquestionably will help you in improving consumer loyalty as you will have the capacity to take care of issues inside minutes instead of taking days in sending messages emails back and forth.


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