Maximum Upload File Size In Google Cloud

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This article describes how to use the Google Cloud Storage JSON API to upload object data, or media, when creating a new Object resource. Any MIME type of data is permitted, up to a maximum of 5 TB per file.

You can send upload requests in any of the following way.

1)Simple upload: uploadType=media. For quick transfer of a small file (5 MB or less). To perform a simple upload, refer to Performing a Simple Upload.
2)Multipart upload: uploadType=multipart. For quick transfer of a small file (5 MB or less) and metadata describing the file, all in a single request. To perform a multipart upload, refer to Performing a Multipart Upload.
3) Resumable upload: uploadType=resumable. For more reliable transfer, especially important with large files. Resumable uploads are a good choice for most applications, since they also work for small files at the cost of one additional HTTP request per upload. To perform a resumable upload, refer to Performing a Resumable Upload.

All of these options require you to include an OAuth 2.0 token in your request.

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