Make Money by Event Blogging

Event Blogging presently turns into the most well known and there are numerous bloggers who work in Event Blogging, possibly you additionally deciding to make Event Blogging. Event blogging can really produce a high-quality income within a few days. Event-based blogs are the most ideal approaches to acquire in a short span of time with less effort, less website building cost and less support. If you are working away at an event based niche blog and got it positioned than you can do without much of a stretch make a one-year income in a few days. On the off chance that you don’t know about Event blogging, it will seem weird. Here’s a complete step by step guideline to get event blogging success.

Event Blogging

Finding an Event

The principal thing you have to do is to choose a perfect Event, however, not in a way you would improve the situation Event based blogging. In this kind of Indirect Event-Based Earning strategy, your Event choice technique ought to be marginally unique. Try to pick Events that are considerably greater regarding looks and also more extensive as far as geology. Here are the best kinds of Events that run well with this system.

Making a list of Blogs

The second step expects you to do a list of sites that are positioned for your chosen keyword. You should simply, simply look for the main keyword related to your Event and make an excel file, including all the ranked domains page 1 of Google, Bing, and Yahoo. These 3 web crawlers are all that could possibly be needed. Now like this, you will have a list of all locales that are ranking for the Event. Avoid all media sites and wiki links while making your list.

Creating a Blog

This strategy does not expect you to rank your domain/blog for the keywords, yet at the same time, you must have something where you can put your promotions and earn money. So to do that; you have to create a blog on blogger platform and doesn’t need to purchase any domain.

Adding a great Adsense optimized template and publish 3-5 posts. Your blog is currently prepared and the main thing which will be left is Adsense advertisements, which you will add to the Event day.

Place ads on your Blog

Before we proceed on to get more traffic we have to prepare our blog with Adsense promotions. So put your promotions on your homepage and also in the posts. However, ensure you take over the policies said by Adsense.


So at this point, you are ready with your blog and your list. It must have barely taken 3 hours. So now it’s a good opportunity for you to begin commenting. Presently on the Event day open your list and start commenting on every single site that you had on your list. Few sites might not have the comment system. In such case, pay no attention to those sites.


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