Magento vs Prestashop 2017 comparison.

magento vs  PrestaShop

When you know you need to choose the right eCommerce platform, it’s important to look at the best choices on the market. A good look at Magento vs. will help you get closer to the right choice. After comparing the two, you will have a better idea of which one fits your needs the best.
Since both of these are open-source programs, they can be customized in many different ways. PrestaShop gives you tons of features, makes site management easy, provides SEO benefits, gives users analytics and reporting and so much more. Over 125,000 online stores use PrestaShop, which makes finding help with the program easy.

Magento is, however, known as the leader in eCommerce shopping cart solutions. They provide a huge variety of features, tools and customization. Magento provides better SEO benefits than any other shopping cart on the market with targeted promotion and merchandising. They also allow for multiple payment and shipping option. Many large businesses trust their shopping cart needs to Magento.
Making the decision between PrestaShop vs Magento isn’t easy. These are both great eCommerce solutions. PrestaShop targets the small to medium sized business, while Magento caters to the medium to large business. Whether you’re taking your business online for the first time or migrating from another eCommerce solution, both of these programs provide an excellent solution. If you’re technologically challenged and you plan to do the work yourself, PrestaShop is the better choice. However, if you’re knowledgeable of technology and web design, you will find Magento a better fit. Customizing your shopping cart is easier with PrestaShop, but you don’t get the same control as you do with Magento.

A larger company with a team of experts will find it easier to use Magento for all their shopping cart needs. However, smaller businesses or those without the ability to hire someone to handle it for them will find PrestaShop a more affordable option.
Regardless of which you choose between Magento vs. PrestaShop, you need to start with the right hosting.
Good Luck!


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