Let’s start a new blog!!!

Wondering how to start a blog?? Well, this is the right time for you. Starting a blog is extremely simple and easy. It doesn’t require any practical knowledge or anything like that. Blogging is really easier than you think. There are many reasons to start a blog. You can express your thoughts to the world in your own way, without any limitation. Blogs can refine your writing skill. The more you write, the more you become an expert at it. Keep some time to check the blogs of specialized blogger’s who used to keep on writing their blogs on a daily basis.  You may also get a response from the readers to amplify an enhanced writer. There are lots of peoples who choose their professions as blogging.

Do you know why?? Yes, you earn profit from this. Before doing all these things, first, you have to create a blog.

Let’s go through some easy steps to create a blog…

1. Domain and hosting

There are exactly millions of places where you can buy yourself a domain. But one of the important things you should keep in mind is that  When you buy a domain, you will need hosting too. Without hosting it is not possible to create a blog on your domain. I basically recommend you to go for Bluehost to register for your domain. If you use the blue host, you don’t even have to set up a WordPress page in the initial stage. Since Bluehost does all that for you (Selecting is up to you). Picking up the domain name is one of the important aspects. While you are selecting a domain name, keep in mind that – it should be easy to remember, unique but descriptive and trustworthy.

2. Plugins

You can also use a few plugins on your sites. Like Google Analytics for the WordPress and simple plugin buttons on Facebook and Twitter. Always make your post easy to share with other people. It takes only a few seconds to install, once you have started your blog. If you would like to go with some great plugins, test them by getting the Best WordPress plugins.

3. Theme

A good theme gives you the great appearance and feels you desire for your blog. Themes enable you to make a blog that looks precisely how you need it to look. If you are not a great programmer, then the theme makes the work thousand times simpler for you. Besides, once you buy a theme, which is reasonable for the time they spare you, you claim it forever.

4. Transform your blog

Once you had your domain, hosting, WordPress and theme,  We spend more time on tuning the theme to make it more and more beautiful. Once you created your blog, the next thing you have to do is to set up a Feedburner and Google analytics account. The Feedburner helps the readers to subscribe your site via email and RSS subscription.  The Google Analytics accounts help to track your account status.

5. Create great content

Start writing and upload those contents to your blog page. Design an appropriate logo, which is suitable for your blog. You can also upload your image to the header. This is because most of the people identify with people, and sometimes they were not bothered about the logo. Thereafter, start publishing your blogs. You can also add images and videos to your blog for making it more attractive. Publish your blogs on a daily or at least once on a weekly basis and let your blog being updated.


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