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proof reading tools

Blogging is an art of engaging with others, sharing your tales and delivering your thoughts. Always try to include quality contents in your article. If you want to drive the traffic to your blog, then make it more attractive with relevant data. As a blogger or a writer, there are lots of things you have to keep in mind. Now, let’s discuss the content proofreading. The most common issue occurs at the time of blogging is the content duplication. Proofreading is a fundamental part of any piece of writing. If you are using the same content, again and again, this will definitely create a bad impression on your audience.

It is quite common that bloggers commit grammatical mistakes and errors. In this article, we are going to familiarize with some amazing proof reading tools which help you to enhance the quality of content. I’m sure that these tools will work great for you!!!!


This tool, polish your writing. Which is one of my most loved tool to edit my article on the web? It calls attention to the mistake in three unique hues. A red one for the spelling mistake, Blue one for style recommendations and the Green for linguistic blunders. Polishmywriting suggests the passive and active voices if needed. Indeed, it even gives you the outcomes rapidly and effortlessly, which is another great component.



Grammarly is a tool that enables you to have your mistakes spotted in a hurry, and not in a short time later. The main thing that you see on their site is the chance to upload (paste) a content to have it checked. This also helps to clear the Confused prepositions, Overuse of the passive voice, Wordy sentences, recurring words, Common writing faults and the spelling mistakes etc.




Ginger is a little bit similar to polishmywriting. The difference is that the ginger has mainly concentrated on more advanced grammatical issues which the PolishMyWriting does not notice.  PolishMyWriting is good at the informal texts with day to day topics and vocabulary, when it comes to ginger, the ginger will do better in sophisticated kinds of texts.




SlickWrite is one of the colossal online free editing tools. It accompanies twelve of choices like Structure, Word Variety, Features, Stats, Flow, etc. When you edit, you can check for Word Variety, Stats, Flow, and so forth.

In settings, you can set what kind of grammatical blunders ought to be distinguished and what ought to be overlooked. Of course, a few of them are debilitated. Along these lines, ensure that you visit the settings page, before entering an article for editing. It is likewise accessible as an extra for LibreOffice and OpenOffice.

PaperRater is an outstanding editing tool, with an inbuilt plagiarism indicator. PaperRater asks you to post the title, post writer, review, and the kind of things before editing the article with the goal that, it will be useful for it to convey the best outcomes. It features spelling blunders in red shading and linguistic mix-ups in green shading.

It provides you with certain scores like Bad Phrase Score, Education Requirement score, and the Vocabulary Score etc. It additionally has a few hints for writing a good article and a rundown of commonly confounded words and their clarifications.


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