The importance of blogging in the new era from a business point of view


Nowadays, we can see that everyone is curious about blogging, actually very few are serious about it!! I think most of us are not trying to understand about blogging. A few years back, blogging is not considered as a profession for those who are seeking for money, it is the way to share the experience of the people who want to share their experience with the outer world without expecting anything, they just want to share their dream or passion or experience, nothing more or less. But today it is not like that, now blogging is the key to every business since it helps to unlock the tremendous potential to deliver a specific content to the intended or to the same minded people.

Nowadays the bloggers are the favorite hero’s for the e-commerce sites and every business which are linked with the internet yeah that’s right!!!! Today, if you search anything through google you can find a lot of search results! True right? Bloggers play an important role to publish and keep propagating the useful contents on the Internet.

If you are a business owner what will happen if your product or service is not listed in google even for the exact keyword!? (put a cartoon with thinking only head portion) That’s bad right!? If your business is found in Google search results, but the result will be same unless your business should be listed at least on the second page of Google search results. If your listing is out by googling the second page, then it is worthless in terms of business.

If your business is listed on the first page of google search result, then the next problem is how the user will select the best one?? From that, it will be very interesting, right!? But the fact is google will do it for you if you are a good writer or if you are a good and trustworthy content provider!!! How Google is going to find that!?? Do you have any idea about that!?


Here we can find the art of blogging!? The real solution maker for every business. People are very excited to learn new things, that’s why they search on the internet when they don’t find what they are looking for. Here the search engines – the big players in content delivery on the Internet play an important role through their advanced algorithms (provide a link to see what is an algorithm and make it as a post) to help its readers and thereby to keep its users alive as google.

Do you know how the search algorithms find the search result?? This is an important part. There are specific rules to find and display the content as per the search query, I will share a few of them the whole rules need more than a blog!!!!:)

  1. The exact or matching keyword of the query. For example, if you are searching for the word “pentagon”, the search algorithm will look for the websites and links that matches with the keyword pentagon, if we think of the first phase, it might about the shape in geometry right? But if we think more, it is the world more secure building and defense system (I hope so)

Which one will come first!? Again, the algorithm makes sub-search through

– A keyword with .com extension, e.g “pentagon.com”

– It will pull out the contents from social media URL that match the keyword e.g: “Facebook.com/Pentagon”

– It will pull out the content from the Wikipedia first!!! Because the search engine keeps its priority to provide the exact matching result to full fill the user needs otherwise the search engine will lose the credibility and their base they will not do that right!!!   Since Wikipedia is mainly proposed for the information exchange and not for business all search engines give priority to Wikipedia result and most of the results are listed in Wikipedia that why it’s so-called the main book.

  1. The search engine will pull out the content from the post which contains the keyword, for example a website name called ABC.com have one post that explains about pentagon and the article repeatedly use the keyword pentagon, so the search result will pull out the content from that site that means the algorithm is able to search through millions of websites within a fraction of seconds.


To do the above things the algorithms keep one basic criterion that after the official Weblinks (government, Wikipedia) it will look after the continuously updating social sites. That’s why Facebook won the highest SEO with most search engines, it updates every time and the twitter also. A continuously updating blog can do the same content delivery as social media does. Every established blog will keep a good number of readers, every time they get a notification mail from the admin they open it and it helps the site to increase its search engine rankings. This feature is the key to success!!? Having a social media page like Facebook page is good, but the limits in customization and restriction are there if you have a good standing blog with a sufficient number of readers, then you are ready to contribute and help the advertisers and to spread your valuable content through the internet.

Blogging is considered one of the easiest ways to keep your presence on the internet. The interesting fact that to keep the identity in their own business area every business person is spending a lot of money through advertisements there are several advertisements channels are there (provide a link to the article advertiser channels) we will discuss this in the upcoming post. Here I would like to share the part of the blog on this if you have a good standing blog the publishers are ready to pay 100$ more!!! Per month per ad!!! That’s good right!? That’s the power of a good standard blog.

So this is your turn. The time to start a blog and make yourself as a good player of the internet and build some money tree!.:)


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