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How to succeed with marketing content?

If you have been looking to wade into the content marketing?

In fact, marketers that prioritize blogging in their  marketing plans are more than 12 times more likely to experience a positive return of interest on their efforts.

That’s because well-executed blogging hits a variety of targets in every post: SEO, establishing your brand equity, building thought leadership and, of course, engaging your readers. So how do you make it happen?

Figure Out Your Ideal Reader or Audience

If you’ve already created buyer personas for other marketing applications, great! They’re easy to fit into your blogging plans as well.

If you haven’t, start by assembling whatever data you have available to you: metrics such as the age of your customers, the location of their homes and offices, size of their families, and the items they’re most likely to buy.

This will allow you to keep your content focused and aimed for better ROI.

Conceptualize and Brainstorm

If you plan on maintaining a blog for your company, you’ll need a steady stream of ideas to draw from and share with any freelance writers you’re working with.

Intermingling styles are always a good idea to keep it fresh. An editorial here, a review there, a new product launch now and then, a how-to guide to keep things interesting.

Whenever possible, aim to make your content evergreen. Leaving off specific mentions of dates or events that could make a blog post seem outdated, and stick to information that will nearly always be useful to a reader, even years after publication.

As an added bonus, this evergreen content can be revisited, revamped or updated with a new foreword months and years in the future, giving you nearly limitless return from a single written post.

Learn What Works – and What Doesn’t

Remember that blog performance data that you’ll be reviewing weekly if not daily? It’s what’s going to help you discover what your readers are interested in and what leaves them bouncing off your page from boredom.

Even with the best intentions, not every hit is going to be a home-run, so make sure you’re poised to learn from the occasional “content fail” and you’ll be aiming your marketing missiles with increased accuracy.

When you’re outsourcing content creation, this is especially important. The more guidance and performance tips you can hand off to a content writer, the better their work will fit into your blog’s march towards success.


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