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How to Reduce Bounce Rate ?

Reduce Bounce Rate

Reducing Bounce Rate is very important to get traffic to your website. Conversion Rate is the main factor of bringing traffic. People will apply many techniques for increasing Conversion Rate on there website. The main reason of low Conversion Rate is high Bounce Rate.

What is Bounce Rate

According to Google analytics the percentage of single page visits. Visits in which the person left your web site from the entrance page. Bounce Rate is a measure of visit quality. The high Bounce Rate indicates that the site entrance page is not relevant to the users.

Factors Affecting Bounce Rate


It is very important to balance the readability of your site content. The contents should be user friendly, easy to understand and precise. The user experience is begin with your site content.

Write your blogs easy to read.

Add headings and subheadings.

Make your headings big.

Specify keywords in bold letter.

Use bullet points  or numbers to describe your points.

Include images and charts.

Include questions in your contents.

Conclude your blog.

Call To Action

Create a Call To Action. Every one want to increase the site visitors , don’t loss the visitors with a weak CTA.  We expect every site visitors to satisfy their needs with our website.


Avoid popups. It will disturb the users. Most of the people annoyed of popups and will leads to higher Bounce Rate.


Branding story telling will attract more right visitors to your website.


Target high value keywords and improve your search result. High value keywords will improve your  traffic, conversion rate, site engagement and enhance site authority.

These are the few factors for reducing Bounce Rate and improve Conversion Rate.

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