How To Make Your Blog In WordPress.com

How to make your blog in WordPress.com

If you want to begin a blog, That is awesome! Blogging is a great time pass, as well as with a blog, you can convey yourself exceptionally, can help other people with issues you’ve survived, set up yourself as a specialist, and even profit.  In case if you’re new to blogging, it truly begins off on the correct foot and has somebody to enable you to maintain a strategic distance from failures.

That is the reason why I’ve coordinated this page for you, to give beginners a quick, secure manual for beginning a blog, without learning HTML or waste your chance by examining a lot, reading instructional exercises.

Pick A Homepage Layout

The initial step is to pick a homepage format for your free WordPress blog. There are four conceivable choices. I would suggest ” A list of my latest posts ” since this is the most widely recognized format for a blog. If you are a good photographer or have an extremely taste photography, at that point you ought to pick ” a grid of my latest posts”. For organizations, “a welcome page for my website” or ” an online store ” are generally fitting.

Pick a theme

A good theme is a thing that your blog resembles. Try not to stress you can change the topic, including the hues and pictures later!

If you pick something like what you’re searching for the time being, it will save you a brief period down the road. There are several topics accessible, and we have unbelievable guidance on lessening down the choices.

Domain name

Next, you’ll have to pick a domain name. It doesn’t need to end with .com, so you can likewise make use of different types of endings, (for example, .net, .organization, or even .co.uk) if your first decision isn’t accessible. If you currently have a domain name (i.e., you got it from elsewhere), utilize the second form on the right. The WordPress.com site’s URL can be changed later, while the custom domain you have acquired cannot be changed later.

How to make your blog in WordPress.com

Pick a plan

When you have finished the fundamental steps above (including your blog name), you have to tap on the “Select Free” button. And also it doesn’t require a reason to utilize the paid rendition since it’s very costly and does not give you many preferences.

Make your account in WordPress

For the account Sign up,

Email Address: That’s clearly the email address you are utilizing the most.

Username: Doesn’t generally matter. I endeavored to use my own name, yet sadly it was taken. If your username isn’t free, at that point include a few numbers until it’s one of a kind. Try not to stress, because this won’t be your blog name.

password: I always recommend you to make use of uncommon characters like “**” or “($#@#” and distinctive numbers.

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