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How To Host Your WordPress Site In Google Cloud?


If you have an idea of a Google Cloud?
Yes! It’s a powerful term in the modern world.
Cloud Computing increases the Speed, Scale and Security. Most of the softwares in IT Industry based on this Cloud Computing.
Now I am discussing about the WordPress hosting in Google Cloud.
Here are some simple ways to host your WordPress site in Google Cloud:
1. Create a Google Cloud platform account.
2. Then Head over to your dashboard on  google   cloud platform.
3. Create  a Project.
4. Then go to Cloud Launcher.
5. In the Cloud Launcher you will select  WordPress from Blog/CMS.
6. Launch the WordPress.
7. Then fill out the deploy form from WordPress
8. After deployed, take note of your “admin user name” and set Password.
9. The last step is login to the admin panel.
“Enjoy your new WordPress site”.

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