I’m glad to hear that you would like to start your own travel blog. Just a few individuals attempt to accomplish something in their life that is unique, So those individuals will never give up on small mistakes. You might have understood that what I have said was clearly on a serious mind.

In order to start your own travel blog, you should have to follow some steps, which is given below.

  1. Register in the wow catching domain name
  2. Install a good loading theme
  3. Ensure the blog contents, don’t copy any repeated contents from other blogs or website it is not good for your blog brand (if you are serious about this and you are planning to go further, then hold on. If you want to monetize, then you have to go a  few more miles. So first, better to keep a good branding)
  4. Always try to choose a fast server. Place your server closest to your primary audience This helps your website load faster. For example, if your blog is targeting the visitors from the USA then, the preferred server location should be the USA. Latency time is the time taken to retrieve the data from the host server and display it on the visitor’s webpage. Latency is basically dependent upon how far the visitor is from the server area. For example, 2 warehouses- one from USA and other from China, has to transport goods to another warehouse in the USA. Both were using the supersonic jet to transport their goods. There is no doubt that the goods from the USA will reach the destination faster than China. (Even though they are using the same technology, but the time and distance play an important role)
    It is always recommended to locate your server closest to your primary audience base for your website content to load faster.
  5. Follow a good niche in the travel and Provide more interesting blog post initially. Then, promote them using your social media. This will helps you to find your first unique visitors.
  6. The next step is to get the visitors to the site. For this, all you have to do is to provide a subscriber plug-in on your website by giving email id. So that returning visitors will be able to remain tuned to Your upcoming updates in your travel blog.
  7. One of the most important steps that to keep in mind is that you have to review the quality of content that you are providing on the website by taking proofreading and sharing with the other blogger communities.
  8. After getting the affiliate ID from this the main related emergence integrates them properly into your blog. For example, if you are explaining about Egypt in your blog, you can provide their fleet link of special airlines they provide special fares to Egypt. If your article is good, then definitely there will be 70 to 80% chance for visiting to make the league on the Fairland. To know more about the price and special price you will get a lead in your affiliate link. This lead may convert into paying leads., this is how blogger earns money from affiliate programs and this kind of revenue will give you an awesome income.
  9. Next is a boosting back disturb wish you a Block Grant and promote it very well, it’s like seed ones take your return all the time plan that is promoting the videos of the blog post. Since you are a boring client who is not interested in traveling through stories, it is better to make videos about the experience which includes real video clips when you visit the location (it will give you a unique identity because, you are posting your own video footage ! You are the courtesy and royalty owner of the footage!!! :). Great… Right!?) Create a YouTube channel and upload your videos, which are related to each post and include those video links to your post.
  10. Last but not least, you should maintain the above 9 steps throughout the running period of your blog. It’s like a fitness program. If you don’t work out you will not get the expected result. So work hard make better result take your money and build your brand. Wish you all the success.


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