How to Check the History of a Domain Name

The main PCs began interfacing with each other through Wide Area Networks during the 1960s. Nonetheless, it took quite a long while before the Internet detonated in 1990. The World Wide Web was made a year later, which additionally offered an approach to business specialist co-ops to start working. The registration of domain names turned into an official piece of the procedure.

How to Check the History of a Domain Name

Tools to check History of Domain names

The internet has additionally made it conceivable to find the historical backdrop of any domain name to give you a chance to make your piece of the work before running with a domain name. In this way, here are the best tools out there on the web to look at the history of any domain name.


A few tools required to expect you to pay for their services yet if you need one that is 100% free, use who.is. To utilize, you have to make a beeline for who.is where you can check the data with respect to a domain name you need to gaze upward. This tool will give you the details you require, including its history, regardless of whether the domain is registered or not. You can likewise go to the sites of web solution suppliers, for example, Namecheap and Godaddy.

Whois Request

One device that is firmly identified with the first referenced above is Whois Request, which additionally tells you the history of a domain. With it, you can look whether or not a specific site address has been recently claimed. It is a valuable tool that you can use for nothing, and you can get the progressions since 2002 up to display in the nameservers of domain extensions, including com, org, info, net, and biz

Internet Archive Wayback Machine

Another tool that you can strive for realizing who claims a specific domain is through the Internet Archive Wayback Machine. This not-for-profit library remains consistent with its name by filling in as an online time machine. It productively records the sites that have existed on the web. To utilize, go to archive.org and enter the URL you are interested in.

Domain Tools

Domain Tools provides you with important realities about the history of any domain. It has an interesting feature that gives you a chance to acquire data with respect to the current DNS records and in addition nameservers. The device guarantees to convey high-impact numbers and stats, alongside the entire history of domains. It additionally allows clients to track title changes and different records identifying with the whole entire ownership history of the URL you need to utilize.

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