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How to Build A Content Marketing Team Blog

How to Build A Content Marketing Team Blog 1

If you are a blogger, then you might have thought that How does an individual blogger can build a content marketing team blog? If you are interested in creating a content marketing team then you can also create it. Content marketing will get a little complicated when you have more than 2-3 writers. Sometimes they cannot be managed easily.  These writers might be in different geographical locations. So it may be difficult to communicate with each other. So it is better to create a content marketing team. But before adding them to the team, it is very important to identify the requirements and duties a team usually has.

Here are some factors you should keep in mind while creating a content marketing team.

Centralized tool

How to Build A Content Marketing Team Blog 2

If the bloggers were not using the same blog tools, the team blog will not work. So for working on this so you need some tools for this which supports Group discussion and workflow which makes your workflow easier by making the communication easier, Creating ideas and planning by brainstorming or through some other workable ideas they have assigned its and content creation process which help the team.

Style guide and plan

How to Build A Content Marketing Team Blog 3

A style guide for your blog is good to have. Especially for the editing process. This will standardize your blog. When you start adding members to your form this will help to keep your content united. If your content doesn’t have the same style, it will make confusion in your readers. Planning is really an important factor when it comes to blogging. Always follow a proper planning on your team. Your plans should also include yearly, monthly calendar and also an inbound marketing strategy.

Filling the team blogs position

How to Build A Content Marketing Team Blog 4

For creating a team blog you have to hire some individuals. Such as content planners, editor, proofreader, copy editor, designer, writer, social media manager, SEO expert, and technical director etc.

Create your content marketing team blog

  1. Determine the blog typeHow to Build A Content Marketing Team Blog 5

Before building it, you have to determine your content marketing type. There are 4 types of content marketing team blogs. They are

  • An internal team is an autonomous team, which usually writes blogs for the message and not for money
  • External team – which is composed of external writers and internal editing staffs. They are mainly concentrated on making a profit,
  • Agency teams – lies in between the internal and external team. Which contains a small group of internal editors, writers and add the external factor of client review and editing to this.
  • Solo team – these are less structured which contains only a limited number of people (1 or 2). They might be concentrated on profit and other purposes.
  1. Make the best people for the jobHow to Build A Content Marketing Team Blog 6

While selecting the team members there is something you should keep in mind. Try to choose the individuals which are honest, creative and dedicated. It’s better to find good proofreaders or the copy editors, writers, designers and social media experts for your blogging team.

  1. Strengthen the weak spot

If you have many writers on your team, then there is no need of more writers. You have to check whether if there is any post which vacant. If yes, then add individuals who are good for it such as graphic designers, editor, proofreader, copy editor, writer, social media manager, SEO expert etc.

  1. Combine the jobHow to Build A Content Marketing Team Blog 7

It would be great if 1 person does more than one job. For example, if the writer can do both write and editing will be better. Or the graphic designer can work as a technical person is good for your team. Because, in the absence of a particular person, the other person can fill up the gap. Combining jobs is perfectly good, as long as your group members can do things which you are asking them to do

  1. Find your blog members

If your blog was good and it has reached to people, then you will get more interested writers for your blog. In other words, when your blog grows and reached to more people, then they will approach you. But when it was not happening, then from where would you find them to create a team blog?  It is better to go through some freelance sites to find out the best person for doing your blog.  Fill up the vacant positions. There are lots of talented writers who are available trying to make a living. If you need a good blog, then pay for their efforts. If you have no money, they advertise their work in social media and give the credit for their work.


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