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AHEAD is a consulting company that helps enterprises transform how and where they run applications and infrastructure.From strategy, to implementation, to ongoing managed services, AHEAD creates tailored cloud solutions for enterprises at all stages of the cloud journey.
Cloud is essential for enterprises to simplify IT and enable the innovation that’s necessary to stay ahead. They partner with enterprise organizations to drive cloud adoption and acceleration. Their experts develop a strategy, create a roadmap, plan and deploy, and can even help manage your cloud.

Strategy and Roadmap
When organizations look to adopt cloud solutions but lack a guiding strategy, delivery suffers and results stall. But with a proper strategy in place, you can drive alignment and achieve success.
Using a workshop-based approach, AHEAD’s Strategy and Roadmap offering teaches, unites, and delivers decision makers an actionable strategy and roadmap that incorporates the following:
1)Objectives and critical success factors
2)Cloud-readiness assessment
3)Use case and workload analysis
4)Organizational alignment
5)Operational models
6)Economic analysis
7)Billing, including chargeback or showback
8)Technology alternatives
9)Reference architectures
10)Security, governance, and compliance
11)Application profiling and rationalization
12)Service and business process management

Design and Plan
Successful cloud service design is more complex than choosing between technology providers and product features. Architecting the services you want to deliver with an understanding of the corresponding impact is critical.
AHEAD’s Design and Plan offering leverages a collaborative, workshop-based approach to rapidly develop the business, technology, and operational processes required to deliver enterprise cloud services. This includes making key decisions around:
1)Application and infrastructure architectures
2)Cloud management platform
3)Lifecycle management
4)DevOps approach
5)Blueprints and workflows
6)Automation, orchestration, and configuration management
7)Service catalog
8)Capacity and performance management
9)Investment analysis
10)Data protection and disaster recovery
11)Deployment planning
12)Application migration planning

Get started today on your cloud acceleration and adoption journey.
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