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What Is The Difference Between A Theme And A Template?

difference between theme and template

A theme dictates the look and style of your website.Your theme is made up of a range of things, such as font types and sizes, your colour scheme and other areas that affect the aesthetics of your site. Your theme helps to reflect your identity through your site, and helps to improve your customer’s experience. Simply put, the layout and themes are the same as decorating a room in your house. They layout is the walls and furniture, while the theme is your decoration.

Your template is the layout or blueprint of your site; it helps structure your website, giving you areas to place pictures and text, or things like navigation bars and other widgets. Your template should vary depending on the kind of page you are creating, but will share similar themes and patterns across your site. A layout for a gallery page will differ to the layout for your blog page, which in turn, will differ from your contact page; however, they will also have things in common, for example, the location of your navigation bar.

The theme is where the HTML/CSS code for a template is located. Themes allow templates to be saved with different content while maintaining the overall styles of the message. If you update the HTML/CSS for one of your themes, all templates created under that theme will be updated.A WordPress theme is a complete design for a website.A WordPress theme includes all of the things that you typically associate with web design. From colors selection to headers, footers, and sidebar positioning. Through its stylesheet, a WordPress theme controls everything related to typography including font face, font style, margins and indentation, and line spacing.

In WordPress terminology, a template is a page layout that’s available within a theme. The template is just single page layout. Not the whole site design.Some standard WordPress templates are common to almost all themes.


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