5 MarketPlaces to sell WordPress Themes and Plugins

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When it comes to managing WordPress Themes, MarketPlace is one of the most important term.
WordPress developers have more opportunity than ever before to make money selling premium themes and plugins.
The profitability of themes and plugins is no secret and has lead to a few marketplaces opening a shop.  While the idea of forking over 30-50% of your sales to someone else might not excite you, these marketplaces are making people millionaires.

Here are 5 market places to sell your WordPress themes and plugins right now:

1. Themeforest
Themeforest is one of the major marketplaces by Envato.  Themeforest boasts over 10,000 themes & templates that have been published on the site by over 2,500 authors.
Themeforest is the most popular theme marketplace on the web and probably the best place to sell WordPress themes online.

 2. CodeCanyon
CodeCanyon is another marketplace by  Envato.  If you’re looking to sell WordPress plugins, CodeCanyon is a good candidate for your products.
As a plugin developer looking to make money, your options are basically to release freemium plugins into the WordPress plugin repository, or try to sell plugins on your site. With CodeCanyon, you can skip the hassle of building a freemium model, and you’ll immediately reach a wide audience, which is perhaps the hardest part of selling your own plugins online.

3. Mojo Themes
Mojo Themes could be a marketplace for everybody to shop for or sell themes and templates. They sell themes for the foremost usually used CMS and e-commerce platforms for the online like premium WordPress themes, Tumblr themes and Bootstrap . Their templates vary from basic Photoshop templates to advanced premium WordPress plugins. Premium WordPress themes area unit their specialty, though. With a premium WordPress model from MojoThemes, your WordPress CMS or blog-based website is remodeled with a contemporary, clean and skilled look.

4. Creative Market
Creative Market allows designers to sell WP themes, templates, and all manner of graphic design goods on their site. Creative Market is different from the other marketplaces in that there is no review process.
Despite being relatively unfamiliar to most WordPress users, Creative Market has built up an impressive portfolio of themes: at the time of writing, there were 1,388 themes available: 30% more than MOJO themes.

5. WP Eden
WP Eden allows others to upload and sell WordPress themes and plugins on their growing marketplace.
While WP Eden doesn’t have the scale of other marketplaces, it’s a good opportunity to create a new revenue stream for any developer selling themes and/or plugins.

So what do you do?
Do you want to  make your own products non-exclusive on all the marketplaces? Take a best step to yourself and sell your own themes.

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