5 Content Marketing Toolkit That’ll Triple Your Search Traffic

What is Content Marketing?
Content marketing is about getting the right information to the right audience at the right time. It grows your brand and fosters relationships, adding the depth and visibility you need to be successful in today’s marketplace. With so many options to create diverse content and a tailored strategy, content marketing is a perfect fit for virtually every business in every industry.

5 Content Marketing Toolkit That’ll Triple Your Search Traffic:

1. Curata
Curata is a very powerful marketing tool designed for anyone who wants to take his or her content marketing campaign to the next level. It does not matter whether you’re a newbie or a professional; you can do a lot with Curata.
With the Curata content marketing platform (CMP), you can eliminate your content blind spots. Instead, you can create data-driven articles.

2. Google Analytics
This is a free tool from Google that will allow you to track several aspects of your content marketing campaign.
I bet you already know how important it is to be keeping track of everything you’re doing; GA will enable you to find out when you’re doing it right and when you’re flopping.
Google Analytics will help you to know:
a) Which of your targeted keywords are driving the most traffic.
b) Where the majority of your traffic is coming from.
c) What type of content is doing well for you.
d) How much traffic your content is generating.

3.Hemingway Editor
You can’t attain great heights without creating top-notch, high-quality material; it’s just not possible.Hemingway is a handy tool that will position you in the right direction, take you by the hand, and ensure you’re not creating crappy content.
It will show you all the things you need to do so your articles will be worth reading and worth linking to.

This is my all-time favorite tool; I, along with many other successful internet marketers, could not live without it.SEMRUSH will help you track your backlinks, your keywords, your brand mentions, and help you figure out the next move of your competitors.
With SEMRUSH you can quickly determine the type of blog posts that are working in your niche so you will know how to position yourself to create better content, attract quality backlinks, rank higher on SERPs, and beat your competitors.

5. BuzzSumo
Content marketing platforms are divided into two different types:

a) Content marketing toolkit
b) Efficient content marketing toolkit
BuzzSumo falls into the second type. It’s so helpful that I use it every day.
As stated on the BuzzSumo homepage, this tool can help you to achieve two things:

a) Figure out the best performing content in any niche or industry.
b) Find top influencers in that niche to promote the content.

Anyone can use this tool as it does not require any particular skill. You just enter your keyword into the search box and the tool will take care of the rest.
Which one of these tools do you like the best? Share your thoughts. All the best!


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