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A privacy policy page helps your visitors trust your website and having one is mandated by law in many countries. Here we look at a few of the most popular online privacy policy generators. A privacy policy page is one of the most important pages you should have on your website.
Here are some of the best privacy policy generator tools you can use to create a free privacy policy template page for your website.

1. Privacy Policies.com
This site is a popular choice and it’s ranking high on Google for privacy policy generators. It’s free for personal use and you only pay a nominal one-off fee if you’re a business.

2. Shopify
Shopify has a free privacy policy generator that can help make sure your business complies with the law. It’s really easy to use and gives you the customized policy as per your company’s products and services. Shopify also provide a refund policy generator and terms of service generator but you may choose to just use the privacy policy generator.

3. Free Privacy Policy
This is another site ranks well for online privacy policy generators. The top of any leader board will depend on who does the listing. People vary in opinions and experience. You can generate a privacy policy in under 15 minutes by simply following the steps. This company provides a few compliance verification tools to help limit your liability while also protecting the privacy and security of visitors to your site.

4. TermsFeed
TermsFeed lets you create premium custom legal agreements that can be legally binding for your users – easily and online. TermsFeed allows you to create: – Privacy Policy – Terms and Conditions – EULA – Return and Refund Policy – Cookies Policy These agreements are important for websites, mobile apps, desktop apps, ecommerce stores or SaaS apps. The agreements will be adapted based on your specific business needs, such as if you collect email address, if you use geolocation, if you sell products and/or services. TermsFeed is one of the best options for creating custom made and legally binding legal agreements.

5. Iubenda
Iubenda helps people with much more than just a free privacy policy generator. It also covers how and why you may need to generate policies for specific services such as Google AdSense and AdWords, as well as Mailchimp, Facebook, mailing lists and cookies. You can generate policies in 10 languages, including English.

Use a privacy policy online tool but do your research and seek legal advice if you need to. Don’t assume you have created a policy that can cover all scenarios.


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